Play is how we make sense of our world, ourselves, and others.

Play allows for creative solutions to problems
Remembering what play is all about and making it part of our daily life is the most important factor in being a fulfilled human being.  The ability to play is critical to being a happy and innovative person.

Play Teaches Us
How the world works, how friends interact.  We learn about the mystery and excitement that the world holds when we play.  A child finds that same mystery and excitement in a swing or slide at the park, or a box of crayons, or blocks. 

Play is fundamental to learning and growing
 Play enables the individual to develop and clarify concepts, roles, and ideas by testing them through the use of open-ended materials, role enactment, creativity, and imagination.  It also develops fine and gross motor skills, how to learn to share with others, to see others’ points of view, learn rules, good sportsmanship through winning and losing,  Allows the individual to be in control of their own thoughts and feelings as they develop emotionally.  Play teaches through stories, books, movies, television, theater, technology the development of character, location, scenes, central theme, problems solved and satisfactory endings which are adapted into real-life situations.

Play As We Grow Old
We feel guilty for playing.  We strive to always be productive, and if an activity doesn’t teach us a skill, make us money, or get on the boss’s good side, them we feel we should not be doing it.  Sometimes the sheer demands of living seem to rob us of the ability to play.  We fear if we give in to the desire to experience the joy of free play we would never get anything done.  That is not the truth.  The truth is that a little true play spread throughout our lives makes us more productive and happier in everything we do.